Wednesday 18 April 2012

दुश्मनों के नाम...

अरे जाओ कहीं और
आज़माओ अपने ज़ोर
भोथरी हैं संगीनें तुम्हारी
और बेदम गोलियां
क्या बिगाड़ेंगी भला
इस चट्टानी सीने का
फ़ौलाद बना दिया जिसको
दोस्तों की मेहरबानिओं
ज़माने के ज़ुल्मों, रकीबों के मखौल औ'
हसीं सितम ने 'उनके'.


To Enemies...

Just go somewhere else
to test your strength
blunt are your bayonets
and dummy bullets,
what harm can they cause
to a rock like heart
further toughened
by the cordiality of friends
atrocities of society
ridicule of rivals(in love)
and ‘her’ charming mayhem!


  1. oh well----as you say ,the furnace hardens the pots.

  2. Wow! The beauty of your lines have gotten me into reading some Hindi again. Thanks for help I may need when it comes to the meanings of some words.

    1. You're most welcome D!...anytime...I'll be honored!
      In fact it gives me immense pleasure finding you and other non-hindi speaking friends enjoying my verses...I'm so grateful to you:) Thanks a whole lot!