Wednesday 8 May 2013

Let’s be spiritual and not follow a religion!

(My first post in prose J kindly read!)

An appeal:
None of us is going to enter the gates of heaven, howsoever fervently we might have washed our sins away, nor is our body going to get up from the dust on a particular day, howsoever zealously we may wait! And we are certainly not going to inherit the kingdom of God, in whatsoever way!

We have indulged in pleasures of the flesh throughout our lives, let’s please our body one last time by giving it a chance to be alive for some more years and not give it away to scorching flames or lay it in the dark and cold.*

There are lacs of fellow human beings suffering from terminal diseases waiting for untimely death, or a sagacious organ donor, in hundreds of hospitals. They are in a dire need of an organ to live further on. Just a few ounces out of our 68kgs mass weigh too little in comparison to a whole life it can save.

Our priceless organs, heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, heart valves, skin, bones, bone marrow, connective tissues, middle ear and blood vessels, of which we are the sole owners, will be burnt away or buried mindlessly if we do not act now in our senses and able bodies.

“Take me from darkness to light. Take me from false to Truth. Take me from death to immortality”.

Let’s pledge our body or organs for donation after death to save some precious lives from being lost before their time.

Don’t let any so called religious myths or sentimental pressures hinder your way once you make up your mind. Persuading your family will not be difficult when you remember how many times you cajoled them into something you wished them to do J

I have done it!

Organ Retrieval Banking Organization of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, is the place where you can perform this noble and very religious ritual, and be content about it!
*O.K., if your mindset doesn't allow you to forget  your body, you can have the last rites performed on it, by not pledging the whole, although the skin, bones and bone marrow are of vital importance too, which we shall leave behind!