Thursday 28 June 2012

Buddham Sharnam Gacchhami...

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Tuesday 26 June 2012


She lay naked.
He lay naked.
Side by side.
Craving for each other.
He wanted her to cuddle him.
She wanted him to suck her dry.
He yearned for her.
She ached for him all over.
She kissed his lips softly and put them to her breast.
He was born to her 55 minutes back.

Sunday 24 June 2012


आँखें तुम्हारी
छलकते पैमाने
होंठ तुम्हारे
लबालब प्याले.

रहमत खुदा की
पूरा मयखाना.

तुम जिसपे भी
हो मेहरबाँ
पर मुझपे नहीं,

खुदा कुछ पे बरसता
बहुतों पे छलकता
पर मुझसे ज़रा बचता.

तुम मयस्सर नहीं
खुदा किसी दाम नहीं.

शराब सस्ती है 
और हाज़िर भी,
पियूँ तो क्या करूँ..
कहाँ जाऊं..?

Thursday 21 June 2012

Green Pasture

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Tuesday 19 June 2012

A hamper full of goodies...a bouquet of flowers!! (for the grabs:))

Hey...this is not just another book, or merely a presents the readers with a rare exotic flavour, which can otherwise not be enjoyed anywhere. All your favourite poets come together to please your soul and spirits with an array of diversity in their reflective poems.
You know them in their individualities and love them for the chord they strike in your hearts..but imagine when the entire orchestra is brought to your service at your convenience to send ripples of ecstasy down your entire being with their sonorous melodies.
Pain and pleasure, agony and rapture, hope and disillusion, joy and gloom, love and resignation, God, nature, spirituality, life, world, death...the process as seen and felt profoundly by these different artists, is bound to stir and rock you sometime, and soothe and pacify at others.
      And why it is a bouquet of flowers too? Simple...because it delights you with its colourful beauty and fragrance when you are at it, and will leave a trail of lingering scent even when it is practically not in your hands..!
The constituents of this heady concoction are:
Abhishek Dudeja, Alka Narula, Amit Agarwal, Jess C Scott, Saru Singhal, Shamsud Ahmed, Sohail Akhtar and Seema Sharma .
We all know that the vivacity of Seema’s paintings is reflected in the works of these poets as much, as the intense insight of their verses is echoed in her paintings. It was hence a great idea to combine them for they are so complimentary to one another.
The luminous book is the result of Shamsud’s initiative and enterprise, the credit therefore rightfully goes to him most of all!
All blogger friends are requested to buy at least one copy each for themselves, and a few more for gifting, to encourage and appreciate the cause (enabling Shamsud to come up with next edition taking in some new writers J)

Connect with Rousing Cadence Team 

Twitter Handle: @RousingCadence

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The book is releasing on 27th June, 2012 and would be available on all major platforms in paperback. The kindle version will be available soon.


Monday 18 June 2012


आँखों से बरसते ये शोले
वहशत के नहीं, मेहनत के हैं.
इन्हें तेरी ज़ुल्फ़ों की नर्म छाँव नहीं
ठंडा-काला अँधेरा चाहिए.

हर साँस में आती है
सुलगते बारूद की बू.
इन्हें तेरे लम्स की नहीं,
गीली मिट्टी की ख़ुश्बू चाहिए.

कानों से नहीं जाती
वीरान--सहराँ की साँय-साँय 
इन्हें तेरी तरन्नुम नहीं,
कोयल का गीत चाहिए.

होंठ सूख कर हो चले कोयला 
तेरे रसीले होंठ नहीं,
इन्हें जी भर सुराही का
ठंडा पानी चाहिए.

बदन एँठ कर दर्द से
दोहरा हुआ जाता है,
इसे तेरा आलिंगन नहीं
सुकून की नींद चाहिए.

Saturday 16 June 2012

When do you do it and how many times?

Well, in my pursuit to be authentic I carried out a small survey prior to writing this and the feedback I received was not only amazing, it was, at certain points amusing as well.
The choices and behavioural patterns were as different as the variety of participants. There is however not a bunch who can be considered as ‘majority’.
Some like to do it in the privacy and peace of their bedroom traditionally, while others do not let go of a chance even when travelling.
Some like a calm and serene atmosphere (not necessarily with dimmed lights and scented candles), while others are not deterred even by scorching sun and city traffic.
There are folks going for it say once a week, while some do it once a fortnight or a month.
We shall agree that it depends on one’s inclination and capacity, but the availability of suitable opportunities cannot be ruled out either.
In view of the above there are some more energetic and capable ones who do it(...hold your breath!) five times a day...who of course are frowned upon by less frequency wallas, the reason being they ‘believe in quality, not quantity’.
I personally do not completely agree with them as I have seen quality in bigger numbers too sometimes.
The most common frequency, however, was ranging from once to thrice a week unless some extreme urgency crops up unforeseen.
The regular ones have their likes and dislikes for timing as well. Some prefer the night--as there are no disturbances--some go for an early morning round because of an obvious ‘high energy level’ time, some, who can afford, like to relax with it during a leisurely siesta, while a lot many are hard pressed for time, hence cannot fix schedules and do it casually whenever they can steal an opportunity. This variety would settle even for a quickie in between other routine tasks, their motto being ‘just do it!’ spontaneously.
So this was my study of people from different walks and strata. My friends might like know the same about me, hence I give below my preferences together with reasons thereof:
1.       I like to do it on alternate days, say once in 48 hrs or thrice a week, to provide my readers with an equal spacing between my posts, so they can re-read, make a comment or review other flow-backs if they so wish.
2.       Regular intervals I guess make my readers expect for the next post around the pre-set time.
3.       One post at a time narrows-down the attention of such a vast number of readers, and they can concentrate better on it.
4.       As about the time, I prefer to do it after lunch from the solitude of my office, this being a time of the day when all others are lethargic after food and I’m less likely to be interrupted.
5.       Another reason for this particular time is that once the posting is done I can check some responses before calling it a day. I use my evenings/late evenings reading(books) or writing(on paper) and avoid working on a laptop even for a pleasurable activity like this (pun not intended)

Are there any other frequencies or preferences of time than given in the above write-up?

All valued readers are requested to give their feedback for inclusion in my next one (the names will not be disclosedJ)

Thanks a lot!!

Thursday 14 June 2012

The Sun Also Rises

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Monday 11 June 2012


जानता हूँ मैं 
बेहतर हूँ उनसे
इल्म में
और इश्क़--बयानी में,

मानती हो तुम
सानी नहीं मेरा
हुनर '
क़द्रदानी में,

शाइस्ता हूँ, पशेमाँ भी,
ज़हीन तो हूँ ही, नफ़ीस भी,
और उन से कुछ ज़्यादा
हसीन भी!

पर क्या करें उसका
जो मेहरबाँ है उनपर 
और नाराज़ मुझ से...
क़िस्मत मेरी,
रक़ीबों की!

Sunday 10 June 2012


No pain, no stress, no agony, no hunger, no thirst, no crowds, no words, no noise, no stinks, no glares,  no physical or metaphysical cravings, no materialistic or spiritual ambitions, no hopes, no illusions, no time scale, no thoughts, no feelings, no emotions.
Only timeless, weightless, silent, fragrant, soothing, relaxing, comforting void.
Bliss... eternal bliss!

Thursday 7 June 2012

Bush Blushing Blue...

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Tuesday 5 June 2012

तब और आज...

दौड़ा करता था जिन रगों में 
खौलता सुर्ख़ लहू,
आज फ़क़त सुरमई पानी 
हिला सा करता है.

चमकती थी जो पेशानी 
पसीने और हौसलों की शिद्दत से,
आज पशेमाँ है
चन्द लकीरों के साथ.

धड़कता था जो दिल 
इतने ज़ोर से कि 'वो' डर जाएँ,
आज महज़ ज़िन्दा रहने को
लरज़ा किया करता है.

मज़बूत जकड़ उन हाथों की
जो धकेल दे चट्टानों को परे,
आज बस क़लम उठाने को 
जुम्बिश लेती है.

बरसते थे जिन आँखों से 
शोले-वहशत और ओस प्यार की,
आज मुर्दार, पथराई, वीरान
' सुनसान है टकटकी.

ज़हन जो हुआ करता था
उमंगों, हसरतों ' ख्वाहिशों का तूफाँ,
आज ठंडा, वीराँ कब्रिस्तां
या उड़ते गुबारों का सहराँ भर है.


Then and Now...

In place of boiling red blood
which used to rush gurgling through my veins,
it’s just a pale grey liquid barely moving today.

The broad forehead which was always bright and intense,
sparkling with sweat beads caused by enterprise
has only frown and no radiance today.

The heart which used to throb so fiercely
as to bewilder ‘her’ sometimes
beats today faintly merely to keep me alive.

The robust grip of those muscled hands
capable of moving away large stones,
can today only lift a pen weakly.

The eyes which once shot fire of passion
and poured dew of deep love,
are lifeless and gritty today with an inert gaze.

The mind and heart which used to host happy enthusiasm,
cravings and desires, are blacked-out and doomed today
like a deserted, eerie graveyard.

Sunday 3 June 2012


Question: How can he stand it?
Answer: He is an erection engineer.

Friday 1 June 2012


साथ कोई 
ज़िन्दगी का सफ़र
ही तन्हाई


None with me
in journey of life
even solitude