Tuesday 12 July 2016


A is for Azure
Linked to: ABC Wednesday

Dear friends,
As my last poem was subjected to quite some flak I realized that it is not only “The world is too much with us", but it is also true that the words are too much with us J
I have decided to give my readers a break, but poetry being my first love I find it suffocating to live without. 
The solution: I go wordless!
Presenting you herewith a  series of pictures by me, which I hope will be found having an element of poetry throughout.
It is an array of diverse concepts/emotions: dramatic, subtle, imposing, understated, candid, suggestive, stark and abstract in different moods, tones and hues…but the thread of poetry runs intact…
PS: And what better place to showcase ideas than ABC Wednesday? I sincerely thank Denise, Roger, Leslie and the rest of the team for this amazing platform J