Friday 21 June 2013

What have we fools done to you mother..!

Quiet flows the Don...

And the infuriated Ganga...

Happily gurgling, sweetly singing, playfully cooling our hearts, minds and peace to eyes and soothing our souls, the Holy Ganga was enraged by the selfish deeds of Her reckless children..!
The height of water (and devastation) can be guessed and judged by comparing these two pictures.
The mammoth steel and marble structure around Lord Shiva's colossal idol is completely submerged, but His composure is out of this world!
The one on top was taken by me in April 2013 and that at bottom is the heart wrenching one of 16 June 2013.

Disclaimer and courtesy: The second picture has been thankfully taken from internet and is not mine.

Tuesday 18 June 2013


हाँ चाहा  था  मैंने 
कि वक़्त  ठहर जाए कभी 

और सच ही 
वो ठहर गया कहीं, लेकिन-

गाढ़े, भारी धुएँ की तरह… 
बर्फ़ की मज़बूत चट्टान जैसा!

उड़ता है 
 पिघलता है.


Yes, I wished the time 
to cease some time

And it somewhere stopped
but, indeed

Like heavy smoke thick...
like an iceberg robust!

Neither does it dilute
nor melt.