Friday 30 March 2012

मेरे क़ातिल आप हैं...

थे आप क़ातिल
और मैं मक़तूल,
बनाया फिर भी
ख़ुदा आपको अपना.

अब जब बिखर कर
टूट ही गए हैं फूट गए हैं,
अब तो कह लेने दो
उन अरमानों को बस सपना.

You are my slayer...

Although you were my assassin and I was destroyed by you, I still sat you on the pedestal of my heart and elevated to make a deity.

Now that all those fanciful hopes have completely shattered and smashed irreversibly, let us accept them as just dreams!

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Hey Bips!

Hey Bipasha! You've done it gal! Hats Off!! What no other heroine or vamp or item girl could do since 1970s in spite of their best efforts(It is next to impossible...)
All you guys with a sharp eye(and I'm sure you have it)will understand and recognize what I'm gesturing at, and agree!
A(-)is easy and anyone can do it. A(I)is comparatively difficult but some can do it. Some more talented ones can even combine a(-) and a(I) to make it a(+). The(o)is something none has done so far except her!
And I'm not a fan but neither am I prejudiced. Something worth an applause must be applauded.
If you dare to differ please substantiate your claim and I promise to loose whatever you say!

PS: Tempted? Need to reconfirm it? Please check the number "Bipasha" from the movie "Jodi Breakers".
No sweat buddies it is playing at all channels 20 times a day!
PPS: I’ll tell next what an impossible thing Salman has done too.

Monday 26 March 2012

हवा का एक झोंका...

वो ख़लिश वो तपिश वो जुत्सजू
नहीं रही
एक बेसाख्ता सा झोंका
सब कुछ भुला गया.

वो ख़्वाब वो रंग वो ख़ुशबू
नहीं रही
एक बेसाख्ता सा झोंका
सब उड़ा ले गया.

वो ख्वाहिश वो तमन्ना वो आरज़ू
नहीं रही
एक बेसाख्ता सा झोंका
सब कुछ मिटा गया.

वो हसरतें जो झेल चुकी थीं
तूफाँ कई-कई
एक बेसाख्ता सा झोंका
उन्हें साथ ले गया.

A blast of wind...

The severity the warmth the yearning
are no more as they used to be
an abrupt gust of wind
took everything along.

The dreams the colours the fragrance
are no more as they used to be
an abrupt gust of wind
flew everything along.

The craving the desire the hope
are no more as they used to be
an abrupt gust of wind
erased everything along.

The inclination which had withstood
many adversities since long
is no more as it used to be
a sudden blast of wind
took everything along.

Saturday 24 March 2012


गिटार (का) दंभ
पतली है कमर
पुष्ट नितम्ब


lean is waist
and butt plump

Wednesday 21 March 2012

बस एक छोटी सी शिक़ायत...

हूँ शुक्रगुज़ार उसका
उसकी रहमत
उसकी कुदरत

शिक़ायत नहीं है इससे
मेरी क़िस्मत

न ही गिला तुमसे
तुम्हारी फ़ितरत

अफ़सोस ये ही बस
इतना सा

की तन्हा छोड़ गए होते
खुदाहाफिज़ में
रकीबों को शामिल किये बिना!


Just a little grievance ...

I’m so grateful to Him
He is all compassion, all benevolence
the Creator of universe.

I hold no grudges against (it)
how so ever, what so ever
it is my luck and destiny.

Nor do I have a complaint
from you
since I know your nature inside out.

I only moan silently
that you could have provided me some respite
(while)abandoning me in my solitary recluse
if only you had not brought along my rival
(your other lover)
when you bade me final goodbye!

Monday 19 March 2012

Friday 16 March 2012


ग़र्क तो होना ही था
बेड़ा मेरा यहाँ आकर

रंज नहीं है ज़रा भी
मुझे खुद को यहाँ पाकर

वस्ले-राहत नहीं थी नसीब में न सही
कुछ तो सुकून-औ-राहत होती

ग़र पानी होता ज़रा गहरा
मेरी नाव के नीचे जाकर

किनारे छूटे सो तो छूटे
पतवारों ने भी साथ छोड़ा यहाँ आकर

कीलों से (रही)अब शिक़ायत कैसी
पालों ने जब दे दिया धोखा जलकर !

Wednesday 14 March 2012

My India’s Mummy Ka Magic

I love you Amrita Raichand(and the likes)
when you present ‘Mummy Ka Magic’(and the likes)
I admire you taking care of Agastya(and the likes…May God bless them all!)
…I really like you putting in boneless-juicy- tender chicken,
and being careful to keep the colors of broccoli and cherry tomato bright,
and not letting the edges smudge,
and diluting and enhancing flavours,
and not forgetting to use extra cheese,
and aromatic-exotic herbs,
working long minutes to shape and mould
those nutritional delicacies for kids!
…but my heart cries
when I notice starved begger children
in faded shreds of clothes
querrelling- contesting-fighting and competing
with dogs, cats and crows
on the morning next to a gala party night in the park...
chewing meatless bones, sipping from empty cola cans,
and licking flies infested ice-cream cups!
I remember your lovely smile on the previous evening show
and you dotingly saying “…koi baat nahi, thoda khayega,thode se khelega…”
(not to worry he will eat some and play with the rest)
I am choked to see those begger children
only playing with ALL
there is hardly ANY to eat!
My India has a long way
to reach “Mummy Ka Magic” !!
(I feel so guilty that I skip a couple of meals without any reason.
err... did I say ‘without’?)

Apologies: The name of Ms. Amrita Raichand and that of her show have only been used symbolically without any ill intentions. In fact I’m a great fan of hers and chose to use her name as she is an icon in this particular field. My regards and best wishes!

Monday 12 March 2012

कुछ सेनर्यु ...

राजधानी में
है बलात्कारी नेता
अवाम रोता

ऊँगली काली
मतदान दिवस
है सरकारी

बनी सड़कें
फिर से खुदवाएं
टैक्स बढ़ाएं

सभ्य समाज
कन्या भ्रूण की ह्त्या
है शर्मसार

जनतंत्र का
मतदान दिवस
है उपहास

Friday 9 March 2012

The Real Meaning of “Matdaan”(मतदान)

The other day it was Polling time in my town.
I too went to cast my vote this time after many polls when I used to express my protest against the system by discarding and boycotting elections.
On my way to and from the polling station I kept contemplating on the Hindi word “matdaan” for casting a vote, and discovered that it is not only more appropriate a word but perhaps The Best…why?
Because it is comprised of two words “mat+daan” (मत +दान)
“Mat”(मत) means a vote and “daan”(दान ) means a donation.
At a deeper level it dawned upon me that this word is not as innocent as it appears!
Once the “matdaan” is done you can not hold a party or a candidate responsible/accountable for an explanation when you are dissatisfied and disillusioned at a later date, because a ‘donation’ once done is done! No one goes around asking what use has their donation been put to.(LOL)
Secondly, the other meaning of “mat” (मत) is “do not”, that is to say, should you have guts to express your unhappiness , the system implies that you were clearly warned beforehand to not do it at all !
“matdaan” = mat+daan (मत +दान )= Don’t give!! (LOL again!)

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Holi or halloween?

…the festival of colors and why I hate it!
I was born in a Hindu family without any choice, hence am compelled to not only bear with but participate in too!
HOLI is no more as it was meant to be.
I hate it because of:
1. Chemicals
2. Noise pollution
3. Drunken driving
*Colors are fine, and some may have a buffalow’s skin. But what about others who get rashes and develop allergies?
*Music is fine, but why so loud as to cause a headache or even nausea?
*A light drink in the evenings is fine, but why get drunk in day time and cause traffic jams?
Someone is heading to a hospital, some other one to a police station or attending to an emergency…
with a question of Life and Death!!
Why make others suffer with your merry making?

Saturday 3 March 2012

wonders of a camera!

LOOK at the camels first and then read the message below. :)

This is a picture taken from directly above these camels in the desert at sunset. It is considered to be one of the best pictures of the year. When you look closely, you can see that the camels are the little white lines in the picture.
The black images you see are just the shadows! :D

Thursday 1 March 2012

बसन्त- पंचमी...

पतंगों का त्यौहार बसन्त- पंचमी
देख कर अपने शहर में यूँ ही,
आ गयी याद 'The Kite Runner’ पढ़ी थी कहीं,
'हसन' तो सैंकड़ों दिखे भागते गलियों में लेकिन
'आमिर जान' एक भी नज़र आया किसी छत पे नहीं !

PS: Those of my friends who have read Khaled Houessini’s
“The Kite Runner” would be able to recognise the sting of the
satire in my above verse. I recommend the others to read this
book not so to appreciate my poem as to make a good reading.
And yes, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” too, by the same writer,
which is an even more beautiful work!