Wednesday 11 May 2016


कोयल रोये
कितने पेड़ कटे
ठूँठ उदास

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Friday 6 May 2016


Don’t say anything
And just listen
To rustling summer leaves  
Or Ravi Shankar’s sitar
Or lub dub of a lusty heart

Don’t say anything
And just behold
A mellow sunset
Or a Van Gogh
Or limpid pools of eyes

Don’t say anything
And just inhale
First rain on dry earth
Or a Marques de Riscal
Or a warm carnal breath

Don’t say anything 
And just relish
A cool spring draught
Or an intense Keats
Or a quivering eager lip

But please don’t say anything
..words pollute!

PS: In this poem I have used four external stimuli (senses) and three objects (nature/art/physical) to be repeated under each for a resonating effect. Wanted to include the fifth too but then decided against it to avert fleshiness…

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