Monday 28 May 2012


बेपर्दा हुस्न का
जलवा पूछिए,
रूहानी था बेशक़
पर दिलफ़रेब भी,
इक आफ़ताब सा कौंधा
और मदहोश कर गया!


The tremendous beauty
unconcealed, was beyond words.
Doubtlessly Divine..
it also tantalized,
The sudden splendour of a Sun
as if faded intoxicantly!

Friday 25 May 2012


शीशे  के  थे  सपने  ये  बात  तो  तय है,
किरचें रात  आँखों में चुभा करती हैं.


That the dreams were made of glass is an established fact now,
the fragments keep piercing eyes during nights, that is why.

Wednesday 23 May 2012


A pitch dark corridor due to an unnoticed power failure.
Groping my way I hear soft panting and a huffy-puffy female voice “...coming, yeah...I’m commiinnng, oh...” .
To avoid embarrassment I speed up.
The lights come on suddenly, revealing an obese woman being pulled by a Lhasa doggy under its need for a walk.

Monday 21 May 2012

रेशम का कीड़ा...

यादें तुम्हारी मुझ में नहीं रहतीं 
दिल मेरा रेशम का कीड़ा
ख़ुद इन में घिरा रहता है.
घुट के मर जाएगा यूं ही  
टूटे ख़्वाबों,
और झूठे अरमानों का वज़न 
उसके वजूद से बढ़ जाने पर,
दे के दुनिया को इक सौगात 
रेशम जैसी...


I am not an abode
to your memories.
My heart, like a silkworm
is engulfed in them.
It will die, smothered
by the burden
of broken dreams
and false hopes,
unbearable to
its capacity, some day,
leaving this world
a gift like silk...

Saturday 19 May 2012


              ...a lamp post at the dusky Camel's Back Road, Mussoorie!


ख़ुशी है एक फूल
जो शाम होने तक
मुरझा के बिखर जाती,
ग़म एक काँटा 
जो हर रात के बाद
मज़बूत, कठोर, नुकीला
हुआ चला जाता.

Joy is a flower
which wilts and withers
by the evening,
grief is a thorn
which  grows  more
potent, hard and  sharp
with each passing night.

Thursday 17 May 2012

कुछ तो कर दो...

खौल रहा है वजूद मेरा
लावा हो बहने को तैयार,

शीतल फुहार बनकर 
बरस जाओ मुझपर..

या गहरी झील सी होकर 
समा लो अपने अन्दर.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Benaras Trio

Benaras, known as the oldest living town on earth, is not just a place of an over hyped Hindu Mythology.
To me it is more important for the other two reasons which are not confined to the narrowness of a particular religion or sect.
Sant Kabir, one of the brightest enlightened gurus ever was born and lived his humble, exemplary life here, trying to free us from the shackles of so called ‘religions’, giving us the secret of self realization and meeting the God within ourselves. But we are a really thankless herd of sheep, going towards the ditch with our eyes only on the tails of others, ignoring the message of a real ‘sadguru’ who tried to save us from the doom.
Gautam the Buddha, another enlightened guru,  gave his first sermon to five of his disciples here only. Although I am not much for Buddhism as a religion, since it is in a bad shape today like all other religions, indulging in ceremonial repitition of rituals mindlessly and pompously, but the Buddha is the choicest gift of existence to mankind, who has been pathetically sent into oblivion by this intoxicated world.
संत कबीर
तुमने कोशिश की 
मानवता को 
नींद से जगाने की.

लेकिन हम 
बेहोश लोग
फिर से सो गए
बस तुम्हे
नाम का 'संत' बनाकर.

हम हो सकते थे 
रूढ़ियों-परम्पराओं से मुक्त
जागरण युक्त
पर वो सब आसान है,
तुम्हारा सुझाया मार्ग कठिन,
और हमें आसान, आरामदायक 
रास्ते पसंद हैं.

कितना पीड़ादायक है
ये देखना की
बस चन्द लोग 
सिर्फ़ तुम्हारा नाम जानते हैं
काम नहीं.

तुम किताबों में 
पढ़ाये जाते तो हो
पर बस कक्षा उत्तीर्ण होते ही
सब तुम्हे भूल जाते हैं.

काश वो तुम्हे 
याद रखते 
इस जीवन की कक्षा 
में उत्तीर्ण होने के लिए...
 भगवन बुद्ध
तुमने दिया सन्देश
शांन्ति, मैत्री और भाईचारे का
इस मूरख संसार को.

जिसे अनसुना अनदेखा कर
हमने बना लिया 
तुम्हारी शिक्षा को
एक नशा
और करने लगे 
वही सब नए सिरे से
जिससे तुम हमें 
मुक्त करने आये थे.

आज दुनिया में 
करोड़ों लोग 
तुम्हारे 'धर्म' के 
अनुयायी हैं
पर 'तुम्हारे
बस कुछेक मुट्ठीभर!

कितना हास्यास्पद है
तुम्हारे धर्मान्धों को
वही सब करते देखना
जिससे तुमने 
उन्हें छुडाया था... 

Sunday 13 May 2012

उनकी अदा...

आज मुद्दत बाद 
उनका यूँ बेसाख्ता
बाँहों में चले आना
लरज़ना  तड़पना 
सिमटना  मचलना
बिफ़रना सहमना 
बिखरना  सिसकना 
कांपना   ठहरना
बहकना  संभलना
कसकना सिहरना
और अचकचा कर
छिटक  जाना
होगी महज़  अदा 
उनके लिए
मेरी तो मगर
जान ले गई !

Wednesday 9 May 2012


अपने हुस्न को लेकर 
इस क़दर मगरूर क्यों हो
ज़हीन-औ'-नफ़ीस हो
इसलिए तुम पर मरता हूँ.

Monday 7 May 2012

The White C**k

(Title inspiration courtesy D. H. Lawrence)
And now a fairness cream for men’s privates!
Why? Do you think it is bizarrely farfetched?
But so was the fairness cream for face yesteryear! But it came, it saw (?) and it conquered!!
And so was it for women’s privates, but it has come and will stay!
I only wonder who all celebrities will endorse it...and how?
What will be the catch line in the ad? Will it sound weird in family TV rooms?
If it rhymes with the old “It’s not the length but the strength that matters”, then will it read “It’s not the flavour but the colour that matters”?
Or will it replace the time tested “Size does matter” with “Colour does matter”?
It can even be “White is right” in place of olden “Might is right”.
Next, how the users will flaunt their fair wee wees, for if they can’t what the heck is the use of it then?
I’m very hopeful of the grand success of the product for the same reasons as were conceived when it was launched for women.
An eerie white rooster (synonym used) will attract a ghastly white cat (synonym used) more easily.
And will it find mention in matrimonial too? Will the fair asset be an addition to the package? (both puns intended).
And how the women with a fetish for fairness will react? (After all they will contribute at least 50% to the fate of the product). Will they prefer a fair finch over a dark hawk?
Well, in my India where nature has given us a wonderful range of  light brown to dark brown to wheatish  to tan to swarthy to real dark- all very beautiful skin tones- I’m sure some definitely will go for a white willow leaving a black oak!
And that will open a whole new vista for the next beauty product: a fairness cream for men’s areolas!
Please don’t smile or fret...even that is not too farfetched!
(...and if you don’t like my post  you can criticise or condemn it, call me names or abuse me, even slap me or punch me . I shall welcome all reactions you guys being my friends, but please don’t hit me below the’s not fair!) J(pun unintentional)J

Friday 4 May 2012


जाते हुए सोचा  था
लौट कर आऊंगा तो
अजनबी बनके मिलोगे

Wednesday 2 May 2012

ज़ख्मों की परछाइयाँ

जैसे भर जाते हैं ज़ख्म जिस्म के धीरे-धीरे
पर छोड़ जाते हैं कुछ निशाँ हमेशा के लिए,
यूँ ही चले जाते होंगे दर्द ज़िन्दगी के भी
छोड़ कर यादों की परछाइयाँ दिलों के ऊपर...