Tuesday 26 February 2013

Sunday 24 February 2013

कोंपलें ...

                                                                  (Image courtesy:Web)

सरकती  नमी 
है ज्यूँ  ठूँठ में
बस चन्द कोंपलें 
और फिर क्षय 
चिर- स्थाई,
यूँ ही लरज़ती 
हो तुम
मुझ में समाई!



Quiver you in me
like the damp,
in a stump-
a few more,
and decay

Sorry darlings, it can’t be can only be felt!!

Friday 22 February 2013

Old world charm!

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             Dearest friends, My 'Doped' appears on the cover once again!
                         Thanks loadz to you all for your kind patronage:):)
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Tuesday 19 February 2013


nay...not the least!
In fact, dear blogger friends, while I’m so grateful to all the kind souls who considered me worthy of these wonderful awards, I’m on the other hand ashamed of my incapability of receiving any of them in the right way.

I was on cloud nine when I received my first one about this time last year, and started working on the obligations right away. But I soon felt a stress building up on finding there was no answers to some questions asked by the giver or I did not want to reply to some others...which in turn posed a bigger problem when I understood that the friends nominated by me might find themselves in the same fix!

Within a couple of weeks I received many more, adding to my predicament of fulfilling the riders.
I also faced a traumatic dilemma of who to give and who to leave, for there were lots who I wanted to give away to but there always was a restricting number of prospective receivers.
And then they were like pouring down...there was one or two every third day! Ego fanning it definitely was but a realization soon came as a price: I couldn’t cope with the fact that I have received so many of them so many times, and the blogs I adored most had none! It was like savoring delicacies with deprived friends around.  Adorning my blog with awards and seeing those I loved without any was an excruciating pain, resulting into my failure of being game!

As if all this was not enough, I noticed some awardees mentioning the number of times they received it beside an award, which somewhat appeared as an obscene display of superiority, and at this point I decided (although I had accumulated a dozen by then) to steer clear of this quandary, and excused myself by deleting all the homework I had done to properly accept and nominate for my awards.
As I have received more than 20 in last one year, and still regularly get nominated by nice friends I believe it is my duty to tell you all the facts behind my having not continued the chain and my reasons of sitting on the favours bestowed upon me. I have so many wonderful blogger buddies and lovable blogs around that I just can’t pick and choose.

Your kind visits and lovely comments are my awards and rewards, and I value YOU more than anything else. Your loving support motivates and encourages me always, and I hope you will continue being with me at all times!
Warm regards and hugs J

PS: My sincere apologies to generous friends who gave me these awards, but I couldn't accept  them!

Friday 15 February 2013


I bumped into this pot smoking young baba on his way to Mahakumbh, Prayag, the greatest recorded event on earth with a gathering of 100 million! Apart from his flawless, glowing skin and lustrous hair I was fascinated by his hypnotic eyes. He was aware of his photogenic face as he told me that he was clicked by hundreds of foreigners whenever he came down from the Himalayas. He claimed to have attained the Ultimate. Who knows...but if not Enlightenment, I saw that he had attained ecstasy and bliss under the influence of grass!
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Sunday 3 February 2013


दुश्मनों ने तो   के पूछी खैरियत 
दोस्त मेरी मौजूदगी से शर्मिंदा नज़र आये,
मैं गया था आपके जलसे में लेकिन 
मामूली कपड़ों में  आप  पहचान नहीं पाए!

Friends by my friendship looked embarrassed
Though the enemies came to talk forward,
I had gone to attend your gala party
In my ordinary clothes you notice didn’t  me!

The poet had gone to a grand event where all importance is generally given to attire and appearance. 
While his friends were ashamed of being associated with him due to his humble clothes, his enemies did not let go of a chance to humiliate him, and mocked on the pretext of asking about his well being.  
Oblivious to his plight, the host, a close friend himself, could not recognize him, being too obsessed with those richly attired attendees!