Monday 28 January 2013

इश्क़ ?

लबरेज़  था जबतो आते थे कई यार मश्कें  लिए हुए .
प्यासा हूँ आज,    तो मसरूफ़ हैं     सब ही कहीं -कहीं !

Love ?
Many used to come with pitchers full ,  when satiated was I.
Am  thirsty today, but all are busy, somewhere or the other!

They  used to adore,  claiming to be lovers,  when I was  at the prime,
All have, however, found other interests when I need them most today!

This verse has although been written in first person, and obviously on myself, but it universally applies to a man, a woman, a flowering plant, a fruit bearing tree, a cow, a dog, a horse, and even to inanimate objects like a car, a house or a computer!

Life is like that darlingsJ

Saturday 26 January 2013

Inside Cellular Jail-2

          Cellular JailPort Blair, Andaman SeaBay of BengalIndian Ocean               
                              Linked to: The Weekend in Black and White
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Hey guys! My "Polished" has been selected for the title once again! Thank you for your love and support:)

Thursday 24 January 2013

Paradise Regained..!

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Friday 18 January 2013


                   Port Blair, Andaman SeaBay of BengalIndian Ocean
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Tuesday 15 January 2013


The following poem is an allegorical one. I shall not explain it in order to delight you and myself with different interpretations. Your valued views are most welcome!
(PS: My apologies for having been failed by its spirit to translate.)

अब मेरे डेरे से 
तुम्हारे गाँव के बीच
बस एक कच्ची, छोटी सी
पगडण्डी का रास्ता बचा है.

दूरी कितनी है 
ये इस बात पर निर्भर है
कि चलना है
या सोचना है.

इस रास्ते पर 
ज़्यादातर कसाइयों की दूकानें,
मोचियों के खूँट, मंदिर-मस्जिद-गुरुद्वारे,
कुंजड़े-परचूनिए ही हैं.

लेकिन एक हाथ पर 
फूलों भरी क्यारियाँ,
ओस गिरी घास,
खुशबू, नदी, संगीत,
परिंदे, चहचहाहट,
सूरज, चाँद, सितारे,
सन्नाटा और ख़ामोशी भी हैं.

गुज़रने लगो तो 
रास्ता कितना लम्बा, उबाऊ, नीरस
और थकान भरा है,
और सोचने बैठो 
तो कितना छोटा, दिलकश और हसीन!
मेरे डेरे से तुम्हारे गाँव तक...


Friday 11 January 2013

Brotheren...on distant lands!

On Neil Island:
                       I discovered this lovely bare tree on Neil Island

On Mainland New Delhi:
               ...and his prettier younger brother on NH-58, New Delhi
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My Inside Cellular Jail-1 has been selected for title again! Thank you all :)
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Wednesday 9 January 2013

Both ends..!

Sunrise at Port Blair

...and the sundown

                   Port Blair, Andaman SeaBay of BengalIndian Ocean
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Sunday 6 January 2013

There's more to a beach..!

                                           Radhanagar Beach

                                              Havelock Island

                                                   Andaman Sea

                                                  Bay of Bengal

                                                    Indian Ocean

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Tuesday 1 January 2013


This post is dedicated to blogger friend Mridula, whose 'puddle' inspired me to capture this!
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