Wednesday 14 March 2012

My India’s Mummy Ka Magic

I love you Amrita Raichand(and the likes)
when you present ‘Mummy Ka Magic’(and the likes)
I admire you taking care of Agastya(and the likes…May God bless them all!)
…I really like you putting in boneless-juicy- tender chicken,
and being careful to keep the colors of broccoli and cherry tomato bright,
and not letting the edges smudge,
and diluting and enhancing flavours,
and not forgetting to use extra cheese,
and aromatic-exotic herbs,
working long minutes to shape and mould
those nutritional delicacies for kids!
…but my heart cries
when I notice starved begger children
in faded shreds of clothes
querrelling- contesting-fighting and competing
with dogs, cats and crows
on the morning next to a gala party night in the park...
chewing meatless bones, sipping from empty cola cans,
and licking flies infested ice-cream cups!
I remember your lovely smile on the previous evening show
and you dotingly saying “…koi baat nahi, thoda khayega,thode se khelega…”
(not to worry he will eat some and play with the rest)
I am choked to see those begger children
only playing with ALL
there is hardly ANY to eat!
My India has a long way
to reach “Mummy Ka Magic” !!
(I feel so guilty that I skip a couple of meals without any reason.
err... did I say ‘without’?)

Apologies: The name of Ms. Amrita Raichand and that of her show have only been used symbolically without any ill intentions. In fact I’m a great fan of hers and chose to use her name as she is an icon in this particular field. My regards and best wishes!


  1. beautiful.. so crisp and meaningful..loved it:)

  2. remarkable expression.........

    i never realized that just a tv show can give birth to such a beautiful and sensitive poetry...
    hats off to ur imagination,feelings and expression....


    1. Thanks a whole lot Expression for patiently going through the complete poem, I adore my readers! Regards!

  3. Profound words, woven beautifully.

  4. Touched !!! Hats off to the lovely creation Sir

  5. A heartfelt n a touching post Amit Sir. Glad to follow U back

  6. Thanks a ton MKFBA! You 're most welcome...I'm delighted to find you there...thanks again!

  7. That was so beautiful and touching!! True, a very long way to go for India!

  8. touched heart. very nice.........