Wednesday 7 March 2012

Holi or halloween?

…the festival of colors and why I hate it!
I was born in a Hindu family without any choice, hence am compelled to not only bear with but participate in too!
HOLI is no more as it was meant to be.
I hate it because of:
1. Chemicals
2. Noise pollution
3. Drunken driving
*Colors are fine, and some may have a buffalow’s skin. But what about others who get rashes and develop allergies?
*Music is fine, but why so loud as to cause a headache or even nausea?
*A light drink in the evenings is fine, but why get drunk in day time and cause traffic jams?
Someone is heading to a hospital, some other one to a police station or attending to an emergency…
with a question of Life and Death!!
Why make others suffer with your merry making?


  1. you are absolutely correct sir ...though its a negative aspect of this festival....
    it has a sunny side to.....
    so celebrate it the way you like....
    with herbal colors,gujhiyas....and light music...
    happy holi

    1. I do agree with you Vidya. Thankyou! Happy Holi!

  2. Yes, The points you've mentioned are so true!....There should be natural colors that don't harm skin.... noise should be in limits...Drunken driving shouldn't be allowed...:/
    Nice post :)

  3. The points you mentioned are excesses of people...the same reason I have started hating diwali celebrations....cannot stand all that pollution...but at the same time I love celebrating diwali in my own way sans each to us own :-)

  4. Yes, you are right. In today's world, almost all celebrations have lost its originality...

  5. Yes the points you have mentioned are true but I think you can celebrate it in your own way...donate some stuff to poor people or give some sweets and colors and baloons to the street kids and see the joy on their faces and light in their will feel much better....enjoy gunjia(sweet),chaat, now I can say you.....HAPPY HOLI......c

    1. I do agree with you Seema. Thank you! Happy Holi!

  6. excellent post
    agree with you
    why to make others suffer

  7. I agree with Abhinav here. I hate the festival for same reasons.

  8. seriously provoking post and very very accurate point well hit. I agree with you. And the caption was just the right one you picked.

  9. Hi

    Quite true and well said...Same thing happens during Diwali as well because in our country there is no control over how and where people can celebrate....I used to hate riding my two wheeler on the roads during the week of Diwali as you would have no idea when a cracker would burst below your tyre....Thought provoking post! And Belated Happy Holi :)

  10. Thank you Jaish! Happy Holi!

  11. Excellent post, but it looks like people prefer the above mentioned ways of Holi more. I used to play it when I was in Baroda, it was nothing like how these days they do!

  12. Exactly my emotions! Do go through my post on Holi which is in a similar vein and which drew me quite a few brickbats :D here's the link