Tuesday 5 June 2012

तब और आज...

दौड़ा करता था जिन रगों में 
खौलता सुर्ख़ लहू,
आज फ़क़त सुरमई पानी 
हिला सा करता है.

चमकती थी जो पेशानी 
पसीने और हौसलों की शिद्दत से,
आज पशेमाँ है
चन्द लकीरों के साथ.

धड़कता था जो दिल 
इतने ज़ोर से कि 'वो' डर जाएँ,
आज महज़ ज़िन्दा रहने को
लरज़ा किया करता है.

मज़बूत जकड़ उन हाथों की
जो धकेल दे चट्टानों को परे,
आज बस क़लम उठाने को 
जुम्बिश लेती है.

बरसते थे जिन आँखों से 
शोले-वहशत और ओस प्यार की,
आज मुर्दार, पथराई, वीरान
' सुनसान है टकटकी.

ज़हन जो हुआ करता था
उमंगों, हसरतों ' ख्वाहिशों का तूफाँ,
आज ठंडा, वीराँ कब्रिस्तां
या उड़ते गुबारों का सहराँ भर है.


Then and Now...

In place of boiling red blood
which used to rush gurgling through my veins,
it’s just a pale grey liquid barely moving today.

The broad forehead which was always bright and intense,
sparkling with sweat beads caused by enterprise
has only frown and no radiance today.

The heart which used to throb so fiercely
as to bewilder ‘her’ sometimes
beats today faintly merely to keep me alive.

The robust grip of those muscled hands
capable of moving away large stones,
can today only lift a pen weakly.

The eyes which once shot fire of passion
and poured dew of deep love,
are lifeless and gritty today with an inert gaze.

The mind and heart which used to host happy enthusiasm,
cravings and desires, are blacked-out and doomed today
like a deserted, eerie graveyard.


  1. your poems depict deeeep thinking,times always change-what to do?

  2. ...bear with it and write poems I believe:)
    Thanks a lot Indu for your kind words!

  3. this is outstanding. every single time you come up with a post which is unique, exceptional and thought provoking. brilliant!!

  4. सुन्दर रचना अमित जी

  5. Nice post amitji... well written!

  6. hmmmm once again beautiful ....cld feel the pain behind ech n evry word.

    1. Thank you Alka...(more for 'feeling' than appreciating):)

  7. the first few lines reminded me of Ghalib.. ragon main daudte firen ke nahin hum kayal, jo aank hi se na barsa woh lahoo kya hai ..


  8. is a great honour to a young poet if his words remind the reader of an all time great legend like Ghalib, although I know that I'm not the size of his toenail. Thank you Bikram!

  9. Lines of reality..:-)Brilliant as always..:-)

  10. wow, beautiful poetry :)

  11. Replies
    1. hold on man! I'm not yet'll have to bear with me:) Thank you Deepak:)

  12. locked up memories, stay deep inside the core, numbing all the senses...Deeply engaging piece. Very beautiful :)

    1. I'm honoured and grateful, Panchali:) Thanks a lot:)

  13. वाह! बहुत बेहतरीन लिखा है अमित जी.... Superb!!!

  14. angst of ageing so well put ..

    1. :):) but it has nothing to do with depicts a phase of agony and distress which can come and go at anytime in one's life! Thank you for caring to comment Varsha:)

  15. great use of so many 'figures of speech'!

  16. Days resonate in graves.
    Spring lies buried under weeds.
    Should I open the coffin
    To find myself?

    1. wow! what a wonderful rejoinder! Thanks a lot Bhavana:)

  17. This one is pure bliss in terms of poetry. Beautiful beyond words. Sorry read the hindi one and was mesmerized by it to such an extent that didn't read the translation...Just beautiful!

  18. I'm really grateful, Saru, to you for your kind words. Can't thank you enough for your liking it:)
    The translation is for those who need it to understand the original...
    Thanks a whole lot:)

  19. बेहतरीन भावाभिव्यक्ति

  20. Thank you Amit Ji for giving me the link to this poem..yes it echoes my poem but in a far more beautiful way. The Hindi version is awesome.. you are gifted with words :)