Sunday 9 September 2012

विपस्सना: / Vipassana:

September 2007:
This piece was written 5 years back after I attended a 10 days Vipassana Meditation Course at Dhamma Salila, Chakrata Road, Dehradun.
Unlike other poems where certain things are added on as the poet’s creative imagination, this one is a true account of my ‘near enlightenment’ experience in that absolutely wonderful, out of this world place. I humbly urge my valued readers that it is not a work of art to be enjoyed, but a deep truth to be understood!
(...wanted to present it in English too but couldn’t come up to my expectations..failed to put soul in words..any friends willing to help are most welcome.)

सितम्बर 2007:

दस दिन के उस कठिन साधना शिविर में
हम से कहा गया था कि
अपने अन्दर देखें 
केवल अपने ही अन्दर देखें,
सभी इन्द्रियगत अनुभूतियों की
उपेक्षा करें,
और जानें कि सब कुछ
भंगुर है, नश्वर है, क्षणिक है, अनित्य है!

मुझे चारों ओर
पेड़ों में,पौधों में,
पहाड़ों में. नदियों में, झरनों में,
सूर्योदय, सूर्यास्त में,
चाँद, तारों, आकाश में
तुम ही तुम दिखाई दिए
मैंने प्रयास किया कि 
मैं कुछ ना देखूँ
और मैंने आँखें बंद कर लीं!

लेकिन पक्षियों के गीतों में,
अनजान कीटों की रहस्यमयी ध्वनियों में,
पत्तियों की सरसराहट में,
झरनों और नदियों की कलकल में,
दिनों के मौन में, अनाहद के नाद में,
मुझे तुम्हारी आवाज़ सुनाई दी
चारों तरफ़ सिर्फ़ तुम्हारी ही आवाज़ 
सुनाई देती रही..
मुझे याद आया कि कुछ नहीं सुनना है
और मैंने कान बंद कर लिए!

लेकिन फूलों की ख़ुशबुओं में
वनस्पतियों की महक में
नदी किनारे, पहाड़ों की तलहटी में,
अनोखी रहस्यमयी गंधों में,
मुझे तुम्हारी ख़ुशबू आई,
हमेशा चारों ओर सिर्फ़ तुम ही तुम
महक रहे थे...
मुझे फिर याद आया कि
कुछ नहीं सूंघना है, और मैंने
ख़ुशबुओं की तरफ़ ध्यान देना बंद कर दिया!

लेकिन ताज़ी, ठंडी, राहत भरी
मस्त पहाड़ी हवा के झोंके
मुझे छेड़ते-सहलाते रहे,
और मुझे तुम्हारे स्पर्श का अहसास
आनंदित-आल्हादित करता रहा,
करता ही रहा...

मैंने बहुत चाहा  
कि उससे अछूता रह जाऊँ..
लेकिन कैसे?
आखिर थक-हार कर मैंने
अपने सब प्रयास गिरा दिए,
और खुद को तुममें भुला दिया!

मेरी साधना अधूरी रह गयी क्योंकि
मैं उसे न ढूंढ पाया जो 
नश्वर है, क्षणिक है, भंगुर है, अनित्य है...
लेकिन बिना साधना के 
मुझे वो मिल गया
जो अनश्वर है, सनातन है, शाश्वत है, सत्य है-


  1. A very nice poem in Hindi Sir.
    Great work!

  2. Beautiful words entwined in feelings and rhythm.

  3. WIll have to reread it a few more times to understand..

    1. Please do whenever you can!
      Thank you for your time Deepak:)

  4. Ditto magiceye considering my limited Hindi knowledge....Nevertheless beautiful :)

  5. It is a great achievement-considering that it is very tough to block external stimuli.tell me what did you feel when you reached that level of selflessness?

    1. ..samadhi is the ultimate of meditation which only a few can reach. 'Turiya' is an earlier state which is generally attained by saadhaks. But that too is like 'goonge ka gud'..can't be explined! The nearest expression to describe it is 'pure bliss'.
      Thank you Indu, for your interest and time:)

  6. Hi Amit,
    A very inspiring poem.It takes you on a peaceful jouney of the innerself which elevates both mind and body.

  7. Wah bhai wah! pyaar ko itni khubsoorat tarah say aapney pesh kiya! wah!

    1. Yes, my love for Him..The Formless!
      Thank you Deepak:)

  8. love and meditation, both different yet alike...loved the thought and the verse!!

  9. Sometimes I wonder how it feels to be in near bliss or near enlightenment! Vipasana meditation gives that, wow!!! Never can understand such stuff myself! Great to know you could get that, sir! God bless.

    1. Thank you Krishna for your kind visit and valued comment:)

  10. Oh my Goodness.. The word beautiful will fall short for this piece of work Amitji.. Its just out of the world.. Reading this gave a very soothing effect to my soul.. Bahut khoob :)

  11. hmmmm well sir I know I am wrong , but why do we need to go and find HIM when he resides in everything we see .. if we see his creation as he wanted to , then we SEE him .. dont we ..

    I do think silly all the time


    1. ..on the contrary you're absolutely correct dear Bikram, if only you could read it once fact I found Him all around myself, in every small/ordinary thing! That's what!!

  12. वाह...बहुत सुन्दर....
    शायद उसे पाने का वक्त अभी आया नहीं था....सो वो नहीं मिला.
    अभी जो पाया, उसमें डूब जाने का...उसके संग जी जाने का अवसर मिला है...

    यही सच है जीवन का :-)


  13. Very Nice !! For the very first time i arrived to your blog and i am happy that i found you !! Your writings are appreciable !!Unseen India

    1. You're welcome here! Please keep visiting more often! Thank you:)

  14. Amit ji ise hindi me hi rehne dijiye....iski sunderta isi me hai....bahut hi sunder

    1. Done Seema! I won't translate it.
      Thank you for liking and your kind suggestion:)

  15. you are indeed very fortunate to have reached the state of near enlightenment. not everyone can do that . And the words that you have written seems to have just flowed from heart . There is nothing made-up, artificial or exaggerated ...just pure emotions .

    1. ..but it's not a matter of 'can do' it's a matter effortless happening. If I 'could do' I would have succeeded in what we were pursuing and aiming at, but I failed in spite of my efforts, and I was bestowed upon this unexpected 'prasad' of feeling the Omnipresent.
      Thank you Tangy for realizing that it was not a made-up work..

  16. Lovely lines, Amit. Not only unsought, but perhaps even unmerited, the blessing, or who knows, the curse.

    1. Yes, dear your're right!
      Thank you for adding more thrill to the journey to unknown..

  17. Spellbound!! Its just superb Amit Ji!!!

  18. That was a wonderful feeling enveloped in heartfelt emotions and words... May your discoveries continue and may you keep sharing them here... I myself wish to experience 'Vipassana' someday :)

  19. Wonderful experience shared through poetry....every seeker has this quest of truth and then the eureka moment, inexplicable....great journey

  20. That experience brings you towards eternity and this is beyond words.

    1. A seeker on the path goes through many experiences-good and bad- and it was a beautiful one..that's all Veena. I don't think it was something special or extraordinary:) Thank you for being here:)

  21. The following mail has been received from our beloved Cyber nag- Zephyr:

    I read your meditation piece and wanted to comment. You don't have the name/url option so couldn't. could you add it please?

    And do read the latest post. You will know why when you do!

    Here it is:

    "But that is precisely what meditation is about. Or at least what my small brain can understand of it. You are indeed blessed to have achieved that state while trying to do the opposite! I agree, the beauty of the words would get lost in translation. Leave it in the original."


    1. I'm so happy and grateful ma'am!
      Thanks a lot:)
      I shall not translate:)

  22. Amit, This is so beautiful....Let the discomfort remain. You are there...almost :))
    It is not easy to sit and meditate, anxious thoughts race through the mind, and it is difficult to cut the roots of past conditioning...amazing! I loved this..
    Sorry, am late this time..

    1. hey Panchali..'sorry' is too formal a thing between friends, so please forget it too:)
      Am so glad you liked it:) Thank you:)

  23. You have complied faster than I expected :) I will definitely leave my comments if there is something I can contribute or when it touches me deeply :) Thanks once again for getting bullied :D :D

    1. ..our nice friend Magiceye helped me with this.
      Thank you for bullying so sweetly:)

  24. Amit,
    Did you mind not wander? Or did you allow it to wander and then come back? Did you have any feelings of doubt or questions about what you are doing in your life? Did you question yourself?

    1. Yes dear, it did wander. It got completely lost in the downpour of Existence all around me.
      It did not wander in worldly things somehow!
      There were no questions left to ask!!

  25. Amitji please upload the English version PC does not support Hindi fonts..

    1. I'm sorry Ranita, but it might take time.
      May I mail it to you?

  26. Soul touching thoughts !! This is the expression of eternity and existence in its purest form .. what we try to search is already in our being !!

    I read these master piece 15 times to go deeper and deeper and enjoyed it like a mediation :)

    Mesmerizing creation Amit ji !!

  27. Absolutely splendid and soulful....words arising out of depth....glad I read it