Monday 13 February 2012

The other side of Valentine’s...

On Valentine’s Day when millions are rejoicing in their newly found/not so new/time tested/awaited/imaginary/sweet/sour/sweet-n-sour/happy/painful/passionate/platonic and all other types of love, there are millions others who will agree, coincide with and find solace in the following lines by the celebrated Faiz sahib:

मुझसे पहली सी मुहब्बत मेरे महबूब ना मांग
और भी ग़म हैं ज़माने में मोहब्बत के सिवा
राहतें और भी हैं वस्ल की राहत के सिवा...

Sigh!... What say?


  1. बिल्कुल सच, विषेशकर जब जवानी का जोश कम होता है तो दुनिया के बाकी गम ही अधिक महत्वपूर्ण लगते हैं :)

  2. I have been battling the onslaught of the media and the moral police from the last 24 hours, and was honestly getting quite sick of it. You made my day with these lines. Thanks.

    PS: For some reason, I think the word FAF used was dukh and not gam, but I could be mistaken.

  3. Thanks Subhorup! I too read 'dukh' and 'gham' both at different places, and decided to go for 'gham'...this being an Urdu word, and having no way to check authenticity...

  4. Awesome sir.. i like your perspective and the way you see everything !

  5. Wah, yeh bhi tasveer ka ek pahlu... bilkul sach hai..