Friday 10 February 2012

Love is in the air...

The astounding painting and the incredible sculpture by Hessam are not to be yearned to buy, gift, possess or receive for me; these are the things of beauty to be marvelled at!
The artist has named them as ‘Lovebirds’ and ‘Embrace’ respectively, but I believe spectacles like these are as good without names!
The painting is awe inspiring due to its rhythm and an effortless, innocent ease, while the sculpture overwhelms me with its intricate yet immaculate energy!!
Enjoy and go astray into ecstasy...


  1. Nice, you are right some things are better untitled

  2. welcome to blog duniya ... aapne kabhi bataya nahi iske baare me ... but its good .. ab aapki lekhni padhne ka suawasar mil jayega .. jaise .. hasraten jo udti firti thi patang ki manind khule aasmaan me .. ... waakai aaj ki life me , jindgi sanwarne ki chahat me shayad hasraten hi badrang ho jati hain ... .. paintings bhi sundar hain .. i liked them all ...

  3. These paintings on your blog..did you make them? if so, they are beautifl. Its not so easy to pull a Van Gogh (my favourite artist) but you have done an exceptional job!

    1. Thank you for liking them but these are the originals, not mine...but yes, my favorite ones!

  4. This is the first time i m vising your blog.the welcome message in your blog is nice.

  5. Thank you Jai Hanuman for visiting and liking!
    Please make it more often!