Tuesday 9 June 2015

Your name appears in this...

Hi friends!
As a token of love and gratitude I have mentioned your name in my book.
Please find it here:
पाठक प्रतिक्रियाएँ...
Deepak Karthik:  Awesome sir.. i like your perspective and the way you see  everything !
Arti:  Very heart warming, we need to be sensitive to our nature. Very well  said Sir.
Deepak Bagwari:  really ! it's touching line to life thumbs up to your writing sir :)
Indu Raviraj Singh:  वाह! बहुत खूब...sach se rubaru karati hai'n aapki panktiyaa'n...
गहनता सेभरी बेहतरीन रचना ...
Sujatha Sathya: how nicely in just two lines you have told the story of an entire life!
Jen:  You couldn't have said it more beautifully!! :) Oh it's amazing Amit ji!! :)
Akshay Kumar:  Simple, short, meaningful and beautiful. :)
Sarabjeet Singh:  excellent, simple, awesome, the best! excellent piece of work Amit ji...
one of the finest one I've ever read ...superb...
Saru Singhal:  Kya khoob likha hai aapne...Very powerful and strong ...Mazza aa gaya!
 Aap hindi mein bahut umdah likhte hai:) ..pure bliss in terms of poetry. Beautiful beyond words...
Dr. Sunil Deepak:  क्या खूब कहा है. कुछ छोटी छोटी हाईकू में पूरी गज़लें हैं!
वो कशिश, वो उलझन, वो दर्द एक कविता की पंक्तियों में कैसे समा गयी?
Nagini:  Bahuth achha likhaa hai appne Amit Jee.. Lines of reality..:-)Brilliant as always..:-)
Kajal:  beautiful.. so crisp and meaningful..loved it:)
 Anulata Nair:  remarkable expression..hats off to ur imagination,feelings and expression....thought is so very simple yet deep and impressive...बहुत सुंदर,खूबसूरत और गहरे भाव है छोटी सेरचना में...what a poetic description.....a place can never be described so passionately....
DEBAJYOTI:  speechless. don't have words. you are too good :). i have no words. how do you come up with such lines every time? you are one of the finest poets we have !! the allegory is OUTSTANDING!! inimitable writing as always. the thought process behind your writings is what i admire most.
Purba Ray:  Profound words, woven beautifully.
Indu Chhibber:  Straight from the heart...very nice. You convey so much in so few words. What a unique thought- BREVITY +PROFUNDITY-winning combination. Your short n sweet verses are virtual powerhouses. The reality sometimes fails to measure up to expectations.
Kavita Rawat:  बहुत बढ़िया सार्थक सामयिक प्रस्तुति..
Neeraj Kumar:  Bahut sundar abhivyakti!!! Zabardast vayakhya ki hai aapne us mansikta ki jo humein har pal gherti hai.
Anjali Saini:  It's amazing !! And I must say you have really good vocab in Hindi.
Rahul Bhatia: Very nice expression!
Sangeeta Reghu Nair:  Amit - your words are so beautiful ... truely enjoyed reading Amit your hindi poetry is outstanding !! reminds of school n college reading poems in the literature books .. Keep up the good work :)
Ramakant Pradhan:  Beautiful poetry!!
Rohu:  Very beautiful and truly profound!
Latha Vijayakumar:  VERY PAINFUL BUT PRACTICAL WORD. Nice amit, hats off to u and to ur poem
Kitty:  There is a smooth flow of memories...mixed emotions - attachment n pain of missing..Very nice~ :)
Shamsud Ahmed: are a fine poet. I love your style.
Anupam Patra:  Your writing is a pleasurable blend of mysticism and reality. I don't have to say what an explosive combo that is. You must have got similar compliments a lot. . My My. Remarkable. Typical Amit ji pathos.
Valli: Beautifully penned those feelings...
Deepak Amembal:  wow wonderfully conceived and penned! That was brilliant Amit!!
Seema:  Amit Ji...waise aapke friends ne aapko sahi naam diya hai...'AAG'...Bahut hi sahi lines..
Varsha Tiwary: .Hindustani zubaan mein kitna wajan hai ! aur aapke kalaam mein bhee.
Monita:  Brilliant. It touched both the philosophical and spiritual chords of my heart..
Jaish Vats:  Sometimes few lines can convey a lot! Nice poem :) Guess I should have an automated system that comments Beautiful and Wah-Wah every time you write Amitji...Every one of your poems is so exquisite and beautiful...Lovely!!!
Abhyudaya Shrivastava:  Amazing poetry sir. You never cease to amaze and inspire.
हमारीवाणी: वाह! आपके फोटो और शब्दों के अंदाज़ ने निशब्द कर दिया!
Sushma Harish:  wah- masoori meri jaan padhke jaan aagaya:-) you play magic with words.
Pradip Biswas:  very beautiful pictures and poetry. Biryani and chicken roast to me.
Umashankar Pandey:  अब  तो इस दिल में लहू कम  परछाइयां ज्यादा हैं . बहुत अच्छा लिखते हैं आप .
You have beautifully managed to capture the pain the symbolic bonsai is smarting under. Nicely captured are also the potent hands of the Time. Both Hindi and English versions are excellent. The Hindi version has an edge though.
Alka Narula: this is called cold blooded murder with words , amazing ! its you and only you who can send chills down the, well thats nt d right word need to luk up a thesaurus but doubt will find the right word to applaud you . oozing out pain..
Bikramjit Singh Mann: oooh wowo now that is how do i say EXOTIC
Ranjana:  Very nice...and its absolutely true...
Shashiprakash Saini: पंक्तियों में आप बहुत कुछ कह गए ...सुन्दर...अमित जी..आपको पढ़ना हमेशा आन्नदमय रहा है
Shah Nawaz: वाह! बहुत बेहतरीन लिखा है अमित जी.... Superb!!! बेहतरीन जज्बा है...
ललित शर्मा: बेहतरीन  भावाभिव्यक्ति
Jasmeet Kukreja:  just "wow" a piece of excellence Amitji
Vineet Digga:  you have such a good command over the language and the meaning in your poems. Brilliant art Sir! :)
Seema:  I really love the way you are one of my favourite....I always wait for your new lines....I wish someday i will draw some paintings for your beautiful lines...
Anil Kumar Yerrapragada:  brilliant stuff! compelled to read it for a second time and a third as well!
Ashwini Dey:  Kya kavita hai sirji. Dil khush kar dia.
Rajrupa Gupta:  Awesome!
C. Suresh: Touched a chord even in this non-poetic heart. Resonates with my own latest post, Amit! And what i spent thousands of words over, you have done it in so few so beautifully.
S Jayanth:  wonderful. flows seamlessly right into the heart! And melancholic! loved it!
Mira:  wow! nice lines Amitji
Murtaza Ali:  Beautiful! Words can often appear to be so futile but when wielded by a worthy wordsmith they are indeed capable of producing real wonders, giving hope and spreading happiness!!! :-)
Neha:  Elegant and pristine :)
Ranita Sinha:  Beautifully knitted words and then lines..thoroughly enjoyed..So wonderful..full of meaning and one can relate to it easily.
Simran:  So beautiful! Worth reading it :)

KayEm:  Starved of soil and water, my roots hacked off and still I survive and am beautiful.
 Lovely, Amit!
D.Nambiar:  Wow! The beauty of your lines have gotten me into reading some Hindi again.
Just how many people can write beautiful poetry in two languages? Brilliant, I say. :) The pathos in your poetry shines.  Always.
Mak:  i am speechless Amit sir. It is very touching. You have expressed the pain. Thank you
Sangeeta Swaroop (GEET):   गजब की अभिव्यक्ति ... बहुत खूबसूरत रचना ॥गहनता लिए हुये... दीपावली के अगले दिन का सटीक चित्रण ..... बहुत संवेदनशील रचना
Panchali:  Great imagery, Amit....! Brilliant piece...
Sushmita:  wow...such thoughtful poem!!
Farila:  Lovely expression.
sathish kumar:  thought provoking lines sir.
Shail Mohan: That's a thought well expressed.
Ghazala Hossain:  Wah janab :) You have a great command over hindi language :) There is a deep heart breaking meaning to this. Very nice :)  Your words have a deeper meaning. Kuch na kah kar bhi bahut kuch kahne ka andaaz hai aap me :D
TTT:  WOW excellent ! so b'ful Amit ! Ah the end of the poem tugs at my heart...
jayadevm:  Crisp and intense, Amit!
gunjan kumar:  i have become a fan of your poems... HIndi one is just mind blowing
Neha Shandilya:  Amazing!! :)
Mahi S:  Love ur writing...
Nasir:  Too good, just brilliant..lot to learn from you sir!
Vikram Karve:  Very Powerful Writing.
Puru:  Irshad ! Such a beautiful piece of poetry :)

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  1. Amit, is the book available on Kindle?

    1. Lata, kindly buy @ available links...Flipkart and Amazon are great! Thank you:)
      Inconvenience is regretted!

  2. These are feathers on your cap! :)

    1. They sure are! These make me happy and grateful:)

  3. Thanks Amit for remembering me and appreciating :))) All the best

  4. I am proud to be in your list Amit ji.

    1. In fact I am proud that I have you:) Thank you Indu:)

  5. Like Indu, I am proud too :) This is the second time you have made me this happy - the first was when you dedicated a poem to me :)

    1. I am proud of having you with me:) I'm nothing without you..friends like you:) Thank you Suresh:)

  6. Great list :) So many nice words :)

    1. Thank you Anita:) Your name is there in the next list alongwith the reason why..:)

  7. Your lines are concise but profound. You'll go a long way!

  8. Great! Long list and so many nice words :)

    1. Yes, it feels great! I'm thankful to all of them and you Deepa:) Thank you:)