Thursday 11 June 2015

(Contd..2): Your name appears in this...

OK, thank you friends, for your patience and kind forbearance...
If it wasn't there it must be here:
read on...पाठक प्रतिक्रियाएँ...(2)

Kokila Gupta:  Wah-wah Ash-Ash ! Am speechless... so accurate emotionally and in beauty ... :) kudos ! The words are so effortless pleasant and meaningful ! you are truly multifaceted ... impressive. :) Powerful yet delicate, picturesque and beee..autiful ! I am feeling an idea forming from it.... and wonders what evoked this beautiful  verse ? Its so poignant Amit! loved its every expression including the prevalent Irony... thanks for sharing please do write more along with canning beautiful shots... wishes :)
Rachna:  Bahut achcha, Amitji!
akanksha:  Wow! Such a deep meaning, conveyed beautifully in a few words:)
Ashish Singh:  Beautiful lines..Your lines always strikes the right note..:)
Vaishali Jain:  I'd want to write as wonderfully as you weave your thoughts in words.
V. Khawani:  kya baat hai ! bahut khoob !
Tulika Sharma:  पात्रोंकेबिम्ब सुन्दर लगे ...बेहतरी सेबात कही गयी है ...
rupam sarma:  Beautiful poems..
Sylvia K:  You express so well what many of us feel! Thank you!
Anupama K. Mazumder:  True...
palak:  Beautifully expressed...
Ekta Khetan:  Too good. loved every word of it...
Arnab Maity:  I have always loved your poems...
Abhinav R   Beautiful concept and well written!
Ranjana:  Hats off to your imagination skills
Mira: It is lovely, Amitji :D
Jaleela:  Nice poetry
Follygirl:  Oh, I love this!
Suresh kumar:  waah sir ji kam shabdo me hi bahut badhiya likh diya aapne..
the little princess:  wow..what an imagination...!hats off.. there's such a sharp contrast of the damp firewood and the burning...or put it the other way, burning inspite of the dampness!! very powerful words...intricately woven..!
Navin Mathew:  Nicely written!
Indrani :  Great lines again!
Uppal :  concrete and abstract juxtaposed.:)
Rajni Sinha:  Amit ji, excellent is the only word I can use
jaideep khanduja:  so gooooooooooood!
Rajrupa Gupta:  Wow! Hats off Amitji! The idea is so awesome
Jkhona:  the hindi version is more appealing than the english :)
Ritz:  Its like Haiku .... liked it very much
GokulDas:  Nice, To write in both languages keeeping in both the same integrity in lines, I liked it.
Surabhi Surendra: Amit ji.. bahut khoob. Bahut bahut badhiya..
Brad Dugg:  wow so beautiful amit nice
Tulika:  Beautiful imagination..
Sonia:   These lines are so pricking.. Hindi is a magical language and your words make it even more beautiful :)
Meoww:   Strong lines, well said!
manjulika pramod:  Deep thoughts... nice one sir
ladyfi:  ...painfully honest and tender poem.
Mahima:  This is so true..the profound meaning behind the words comes out so beautifully. Bohot achha likha hai :)
Jay Singh:  Too good Amitji :)
Nilanjana Bose:  Beyond beautiful....and rings so true!
Dr Archana Gupta:  wah..!
Zephyr:  Loved the Hindi version better. The economy of words is stupendous.
Akanksha:  Wow - Really beautiful!
Chaitalibhattacharjee:  Absolutely splendid and soulful....words arising out of depth....glad I read it
Deepa Gopal Sunil:  WOW Beautiful sentiment:)
Vinay Prajapati : very cool, sir
Ilakshee:  Your verse is a gentle tug...
Khushbu Verma:  woops too poignant..Amit ji
Meenakshi Malhotra:  Sad, simmering verses! beautiful
Amrita Tanmay:  अति सुंदर..
प्रतिभा सक्सेना:  बहुत गहन और सटीक !
Madan Mohan Saxena:  बहुत सराहनीय प्रस्तुति. बहुत सुंदर बात कही हैइन पंक्तियोंमें. दिल को छूगयी. आभार !
Rachna:  Amitjee, itni khoobsurati se aapne hawa ki peeda kahi hai.
DrZakir Ali Rajnish:  अमित जी, कम शब्दोंमेंबहुत गहरी बात कह दी आपने। बधाई।
Harikrishna:  Your poems are always so warm and nice appealing to the senses...
Monali Churi:  nice read...loved it!!
Mridula:  Kya baat hai !!
Neha Sharma:  With just 4 lines you have summarized the reality of life. Each time you read it you realize something new. Loved it. :)
Shesha Chaturvedi: Some words left us speechless unable to tell how we felt after reading them. Feelings well portrayed. Keep writing these poems. They stimulate one's mind and leave us thinking!
Kumar Suhas:  Few effective words!
deepak kripal:  superb Amit ji.. poignant words.. few words but dead on target.. like it
Sanjay Sharma:  बेहतरीन प्रस्तुति ...संजय "सिफ़र"
Arumugam Easwar:  Nice read, meaningful words
Fayaz Pasha:  Badhiya!
aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar:  super!
Damyanti : Profound and poignant.
saikat mbka ghosh:  sad but true fact ,,nice 1 as always :)
Sindhu:  When an author writes something which ONLY he can fully understand, it means that he has plunged to a depth unknown. Everything cannot be explained and even if explained, cannot be understood. I'm sure that you enjoyed the moment of its creation. Great work, Amit.
Nandini Deka:  very thought provoking..
Tomichan Matheikal:  Very true, especially these days when appearances are more important than one's inner worth.
Adhi Das:  amitji... ur poem on Dark is a glowing light..nice lines..GOD<3U
Vanderloost:  Very beautiful lines original as well as the translation
Roshan Yadaw:  each and every line is awwsome....behtareen combination of emotion and words"
Rohini : Absolutely beautiful!! :)
Neo Prady:  short n lethal amitji... superb !
Namrata Kumari:  वाह बहुत खूब! आपकी कविता बहुत अच्छी लगी
K V V S MURTHY:  Thought hits like a flash.....
R.Vyas:  Beautiful..Please, keep up the awesome work and continue to write more poems like this..:)
रूपचन्द्र शास्त्री मयंक : बहुत सुन्दर प्रस्तुति...!
Shweta Dave:  बहुत खूब अमितजी, हृदयस्पर्शी
Beloo Mehra:  This is intense, Amit! The original reads so beautifully, and says so much in just a few verses. Keep sharing more of your verses.
Anita:  Touching words, Amitji. Beautifully expressed!

Please note: The names appear in chronological order. I tried to include all friends till the manuscript was sent to the press, but if some are still left they will kindly forgive my foolish incompetence..
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