Wednesday 21 November 2018


O my Lord
Please grant me 
Some prolongation
No, I’m not afraid of death
And definitely wish to
Submerge forever in
The silent relief
Of your cool comfort
But still
Just for a little while more
Let me experience this
Heartless callous world
So that
I don’t feel like
Coming here again!

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  1. I pray the same prayer for a different reason - despite what humankind has done and is doing to the earth, nature's beauty itself is so glorious, I will miss it when I leave. I dont want to come back though as by then no one will be able to breathe. One thousand missing in the wildfires in California. It is happening already.

    1. Absolutely! The world's ruthless apathy towards nature is one of my reasons too, most definitely!! Thank you Sherry for your resonating view:)

  2. o, yes! O.j.In its callousness, it could convince the narrator! But what if the troubles lift?

    1. The troubles are too many to be gone:(
      I don't feel elimination and rectification will take place..
      Thank you for your interest in my work, Susan:)

  3. Like Susan above I also have that hope that this present time is one that will be replaced by another fairer kinder world. We only have to look at history over the last 300 years to see the rise and fall of empires as they conquer and are conquered themselves. Perhaps this greedy selfish world we live in will be replaced by a fairer, kinder and accepting world than the one we live which is not obsessed with wealth, domination and religion as well as sexual and colour bias.

    1. I'm glad there are good, positive people like you around who dream of Utopia, but i'm disillusioned and have lost hopes.. Thank you Robin sir we need optimists like you and not pessimists like me:)

  4. Good poem. I know exactly how you feel.

  5. I wouldn't want to come back here either!

  6. Another birth wouldn't be bad for me if it's totally devoted to God :)

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