Tuesday 13 October 2015


क्यों ढकूँ सिर
मन्दिर या मस्जिद
रूह तो नंगी 

This post is dedicated to Geetashree Chatterjee for her ameliorated and refined version of this haiku.
She says:

बिखरे बाल
मन्दिर या मस्जिद
रूह आज़ाद

She has done an awesome job by transforming the vehicle (bailgaadii to Mercedes) without disturbing the passenger inside (the thought!)
I appreciate the fact that her version, in spite of its superiority, doesn’t make the original feel inferior in any way…both of them put together give a feeling as if you are reading Kabir and Eliot on the same pageJ


  1. aah! kitni gahraye hai in nau shabdon mein, adhbudh

  2. Amitji, am humbled by the honour bestowed upon me. Sharing the same page with my haiku-mentor is not only a dream come true but also like being part of something historical in its enormity. This is extremely gratifying and at the same time I am immensely grateful to you for giving me this recognition.

    Thanks and Regards

    1. Big words like these embarrass me...thank you Geeta for your kind contribution:)

  3. Beautiful haiku both of un-tethered souls.

  4. awesome..............shabdon ki gahrayi gajab ki hai Amit ji