Thursday, 8 December 2011 I can now tell you what I feel...

On Naini Lake...   (05to07Nov2011)
Standing on the lakeside
on a dark evening
and looking deep
through the bottom of the lake
I find
a drop of water
I saw twenty nine years back
when I first 'met' this
magnificent depth-less body.
I realize that
millions of gallons of water
may have come-in and gone-out
of this lake
but that drop is still there...

Why, then, I can see it
in 1856 when the lake was discovered
no matter billions of gallons of water
may have come-in and gone out.

And the lake was there
since times immemorial
even before it was

...I get a tickling inside
and goosebumps outside
to know
that my drop was
still there
by trillions of gallons of water
which may have come-in and gone-out since then!


  1. sir, i have no words to appreciate....
    Beautifully penned...
    very light :)--Dee..