Tuesday, 12 July 2016


A is for Azure
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Dear friends,
As my last poem was subjected to quite some flak I realized that it is not only “The world is too much with us", but it is also true that the words are too much with us J
I have decided to give my readers a break, but poetry being my first love I find it suffocating to live without. 
The solution: I go wordless!
Presenting you herewith a  series of pictures by me, which I hope will be found having an element of poetry throughout.
It is an array of diverse concepts/emotions: dramatic, subtle, imposing, understated, candid, suggestive, stark and abstract in different moods, tones and hues…but the thread of poetry runs intact…
PS: And what better place to showcase ideas than ABC Wednesday? I sincerely thank Denise, Roger, Leslie and the rest of the team for this amazing platform J

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


काश मैं रिक्शावाला होता
तो मेरी 'वन हण्ड्रेड पर्सेंट बैंकर' बेटी
चमकदार कपड़ों में
अपने बॉस से कहती 
"सर, ये मेरे पापा हैं"..

अफ़सोस कि मैं वो नहीं
... कुछ भी नहीं!
बेचारी बच्ची
क्या कहे?

*Dedicated to my daughters on Father’s Day(?)

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Black swarms
Of golden bees
Assailed me and forgot
 I didn’t use cell phone
To help them proliferate..
When I ducked
To save my life
The sharp coral
Never knew
I worked to
Conserve them too!

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


कोयल रोये
कितने पेड़ कटे
ठूँठ उदास

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Friday, 6 May 2016


Don’t say anything
And just listen
To rustling summer leaves  
Or Ravi Shankar’s sitar
Or lub dub of a lusty heart

Don’t say anything
And just behold
A mellow sunset
Or a Van Gogh
Or limpid pools of eyes

Don’t say anything
And just inhale
First rain on dry earth
Or a Marques de Riscal
Or a warm carnal breath

Don’t say anything 
And just relish
A cool spring draught
Or an intense Keats
Or a quivering eager lip

But please don’t say anything
..words pollute!

PS: In this poem I have used four external stimuli (senses) and three objects (nature/art/physical) to be repeated under each for a resonating effect. Wanted to include the fifth too but then decided against it to avert fleshiness…

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Sultry stars taste like
Salty marshmallows
Nincompoop narcissus snails
Dive into lustrous mirage
Cerebral pachyderms thump
Their way into the mud
But pug-marks of golden felines
Are trailed
Heady whiff of Cashew groves
On the warm sea shore
Dries my hair.
Who strums my guitar ?

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Monday, 11 April 2016


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                समर्पण: उन अनगिनत प्राणधारियों को जिन्हे इन्सान की क्रूरता अनेकों कारणों से मारे डाल रही है. 

"नाचेंगे, गायेंगे, रंग-जमायेंगे...
जन्नत उतारेंगे"

हाँ, प्रभु श्री (श्री)
पर आप ये भूल गए
कि हज़ारों चिड़ियाँ, मछलियाँ, कछुए,
लाखों कीट-पतंगे, केंचुए, मेंढक, टिड्डे
बिला वजह बेमौत मारे गए
बचे हुए बेघर-बर्बाद हो गए..

दुनियादार व्यापारियों की
ख़ुदग़र्ज़ी से तो शिक़ायत
होती हमें
पर प्रेम-आध्यात्म के अवतार
आप को हम करोड़ों
जीवात्माएँ कैसे माफ़ कर दें?

Saturday, 2 April 2016


तुम तो ज्ञानी
कैसे बूझोगे भला
दर्द पहेली